Review: The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism

I read this book as someone who still finds himself on the fence in regards to the baptism of the children of believers. Still, I found many essays very encouraging and eye opening. Yet there were a number of points at which I differed and found difficult to reconcile in my mind.

In particular, I found Doug Wilson’s essay “Baptism & Children: Their Place in the Old and New Testaments” to be especially helpful, encouraging, and joyous. The essay that was most difficult for me was Mark E. Ross’ “Baptism and Circumcision as Signs and Seal.” He made a good argument as to what baptism/circumcision signified, namely the promise that salvation is given by faith alone NOT the promise that salvation has already come to the reciepient of the sign; and yet, I read the chapter with difficulty due to his emphasis on the obedience required of Abraham in order be kept within the covenant. Does this not imply a covenant of works rather than grace? Is obedience required to remain in the CoG? Or is faith the only thing required, with obedience flowing out of that faith as a necessary consequence?

Still a lot to work through in my head after reading this book.

*Wilson’s essay encouraged me to purchase his book “To a Thousand Generations”.

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