“Let’s take down that flag.”

Will the SBC be bold enough to call our brothers and sisters to take down the American flag as well?

Will they be consistent enough to repudiate what it symbolizes?

My hope is that this whole Confederate battle flag resolution is being done out of a genuine spirit of love for neighbor and not for the sake of simple political correctness and cultural popularity.

Because in 21st century America, to repudiate in the Confederate battle flag is politicaly correct. Telling a good ol’ boy that he shouldn’t fly his stars and bars on the back of his pickup is culturally popular. Most American’s look down on that guy with disgust. “Bigot. Racist. Ignorant.” And maybe he is a bigot. Maybe he is a racist. These are possibilities and my argument doesn’t excuse his sin against God and neighbor. But again, this is the popular position of Americans.

But what about repudiating the current flag of our nation? What if the SBC resolved that Christians shouldn’t fly Old Glory in their homes, places of business, and pick up trucks? What if Russell Moore told Christian college boys that they shouldn’t wear those ridiculous American flag bathing suites, tee shirts, tank tops, and beer coozies because of what it symbolizes to many.

Let me be clear. I am thankful for the SBC’s clear desire to repent of racism, bigotry, and history of chattel slavery. And Christian’s should allow nothing to hinder the Gospel message to reach every tribe, tongue, nation, race, sexuality, or any other human being. I am thankful for these steps being made.

But let us be consistent.

If the Stars and Bars must come down so must Old Glory.

There are almost 50 million African Americans living in our nation today whose response to the Gospel may be hindered by Billy Bob’s use of the Confederate flag.

There have been over 54 million Americans murdered by their parents and licensed physicians under the banner of the United States national flag. These Americans will never be offended by what the flag  symbolizes because they have been butchered. Old Glory will never be a stumbling block to them because our nation has decided that “choice” is more important than their lives. It won’t be a stumbling block for the Gospel because they will never hear it. They will never be given a copy of the Pilgrims Progress. They will never share in the Lord’s Supper with us, because their lives were taken under the banner of these United States.

So take down the Confederate flag brothers and sisters. From our homes. From our capitols. From our cars. From our tee shirts. From our universities. From our churches From any places that may cause anyone to stumble…

And then let us also take down that flag. Or at least be consistent, repent of our apathy and believe in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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