Book Review: Standing on the Promises

Standing on the Promises by Douglas Wilson

The main thesis of Wilson’s word on child rearing is simply this: God has made promises to Christian parents that faithful child rearing will result in godly offspring. The rest of the book lays out this argument, calls parents to stand on these promises and gives practical applications on how God calls his people to love, teach and discipline covenant children.

To Wilson, godly offspring should be the rule in the church, not the exception. Parents should expect their children to trust in Christ and to serve him all the days of their lives and Wilson gives sufficient Scripture to prove such a notion. Wilson believes that the church has moved away from teaching, encouraging and requiring this of its members and especially its leaders. He does not deny the depraved nature of covenant children or the exception to the rule of godly offspring, but believes that godly child rearing is a means that God uses to regenerate hearts and build his church. This part of the book was most encouraging to me but was also new and challenging. These are principles that I will have to continue to chew on and search the Scripture for.

With these principles in mind, Wilson spends the rest of the book working through the practical implications, commands and wisdom of biblical child rearing. Packed with Scripture, he provides more than enough insight on areas of education and discipline among other practices.

Most will find this book both encouraging and challenging. As always, Wilson does not hold back with his arguments but places them boldly in your face. As previously mentioned, I have a lot to chew on in the future and will be seeking the insight of other men in these principles

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