Book Review: Children at the Lord’s Table? by Cornelis P. Venema

First off, I’d like to say that the last chapter is the most significant chapter of this book and really the only chapter that need be read – unless you are looking for more specific arguments. In the last chapter, the author provides a summary of all of his arguments, including a helpful critique of Federal Vision (FV).

Overall, I did not find the argument presented here to be entirely convincing – though I wanted it to be. I lean towards paedocommunion for covenantal not sacramentalist (FV) reasons, and I was hoping this would be the best defense against it. What I found, however, was simply the same rhetoric against the practice – nothing entirely significant. Venema actually presents his opponents very well. He sets up no straw men. Rather, he sets up the argument as it is but, in my opinion, fails to tear it down. The entire time I kept thinking to myself “is this not the same reason why baptists despise infant baptism?”

Because paedocommunion is not accepted broadly in reformed circles, my desire is to find Scriptural reason to deny it, but unfortunately this was just another fall through. Borrow the book from a friend and read the last chapter, that is my only suggestion.

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